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Youth & Young Adult Homelessness

Youth and young adults experiencing homelessness are more likely than their non-homeless peers to face significant health issues, be victims of crime, and use illicit substances.  Youth Collaboratory works with communities on coordinated responses to preventing and ending youth and young adult homelessness. 

Juvenile Justice Involvement

For a young person, involvement with the juvenile justice system can derail the paths to education and employment that are needed to live an independent, self-sustaining lifestyle. Youth Collaboratory works to develop and distribute research-driven program models that aim to minimize youth’s involvement with the juvenile justice system by building resiliency.

Violence, Exploitation, & Trafficking

Exposure to violence, exploitation, and trafficking can have a long-term and debilitating impact on youth and young adults. They can experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mental and physical health issues, and difficulty forming trusting relationships. Youth Collaboratory provides resources and tools to community-based providers to combat this trauma. 

Education & Employment

When youth and young adults are engaged in education and employment opportunities, their likelihood of self-sufficiency increases.  Youth Collaboratory advocates for and partners with experts who work with young people to overcomes barriers to employment and education. 

Building a Base of Evidence

Solving a problem means defining it. We help organizations collect, aggregate and translate data into actionable information at the local, state, and national level to strengthen outcomes for youth.

Policy Advocacy

Youth Collaboratory builds a strong collective of key allies to protect funding sources that support youth and young adults at highest risk for victimization or delinquency. 

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