Upcoming events and training opportunities hosted by the Youth Collaboratory.

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Youth & Young Adult Roundtable

November 13, 2020 -- 3:00 PM ET

There are many myths and misconceptions about young people who trade sex to meet their needs.  As individuals, our experiences and language vary greatly based on our identities, access to resources, and communities in which we travel.  You are invited to a real conversation - about how this shows up in the youth service agencies, the challenges that exist, and how service providers can approach these topics in a sensitive, culturally responsive way.

The Youth Catalyst Team is hosting this conversation amongst young leaders, with our partner, Dr. Lara Gerassi from University of Wisconsin-Madison to discuss a research collaboration of interest to youth and young adults. Registration by invitation only.

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M+ 19 December Virtual Grantee Meeting

December 17, 2020 -- 2:00 PM ET - 3:30 PM ET

Please join us December 17th at 2 pm ET for our Mentoring+ 2019 partner meeting. The goal of this informal meeting is to update each other on our progress and challenges in implementing the M+ project. Questions and discussion are encouraged.

This meeting is limited to the sub-grantee organizations and their partners implementing Youth Collaboratory’s Mentoring+ project. We encourage any project staff interested to participate, but each must register individually.

Please contact Alex at with questions.

Please register by December 16th.